Henri Tyler EP

by Henri Tyler

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released November 6, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Peter Rosenburg
Mastered by Dan Siper
Photography by Mo Bolotero

All songs written by Henri T Brooks
All instrumentation performed by Henri T Brooks



all rights reserved


Henri Tyler Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Twitter: @henritwimc


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Track Name: The Hills Are (Not So) Far Away
And so it goes another day
The hills are not so far away.
But you're far away
And I can't stay.

Lately I've been struggling, polluted air, I breathe it in
Still learning how to be a friend, show you what I found at the end.
Searching for the words through pen and page, all the words I try to say
To you when I loose my way, everything's born again some day.

And so we all begin again, that's what I found at the end.
And if you find you're caving in, I'll take you with me to the end.

Lately I've been night and day, I fight to play this waiting game.
Don't know why I settle for lines that just aren't straight.
Aren't we all, oh, aren't we all a little crooked anyway?
Track Name: Digging Song
My mind says yes, my body says no - don't know where to go.
She says my heart moves slow up against the wind.
I'm trying to find where to begin, I wonder if it's a sin
To wanna go through this again, to wanna take you
Where I've been is nowhere good, like a bad neighborhood
It will swallow you whole and spit out your bones
On the pavement where we played, on the carpet where we laid
And it's taking you so far from home.

We held a wedding thinking we could rent a noose
And take it to the edge of our lives, or a branch in our backyard.
I know you're dying, we're all dying, people lying to the moon
How bout you?
And I'll take my pictures down if you throw me a tune
Rip the skin from my lips, a couple of cents will get you somewhere new
And if you wanna set it in before the fire starts to sing, then I will too.
I will too.

My gut won't choose the right direction. I can tell by the inflection in her voice when she tells me I don't even have a choice
To turn around, to lie back down into the water and let myself drown
It's in the way you move towards my brain
At the end of the day, it's the thing that you say.

Wait - don't go
I wanna feel your heart beat slow.
Stay - don't leave
I will give you the air that I breathe.
And you can watch me while I suffocate
Set fire to the things you hate about me.
You know that I don't need them anymore.
As we burn down hand-in-hand
Take everything I am and let me go
Leave me begging for more.
Track Name: All Boxed Up
I've been putting my shoulder to the wheel
Dropping bricks on my feet just to see how it feels
And it feels pretty good to feel something other than me.
And I've been sleeping with the T.V. on
Cause fuck I really hate sleeping alone
Hiding behind the lights and the sounds and the screen.
And I've been thinking the light in the room is why I don't dream.

I'm all boxed up
I gotta get out of this goddamn rut
Cause living with me is too loud, too loud, I get lost in the noise
But I know I gotta live with it, I don't have a choice.
But in the end you will understand
I will rise again as a stronger man for you.
And you'll be all boxed up too.

I've been finding ways to take away this pain in my side that I can't quite explain, but I'll try -
And I think it's the death of me.
If you look closely you might fine what's really been killing me this whole time
Just keep your ear to the ground and walk the thin line and maybe I won't be seen.

No space to move
If I gotta choose
It's gonna be between my sanity and the person that the mirror sees.
No space to breathe
Give me what I need
If I try to move I know I'll just keep sinking.

So grab a branch, it's an avalanche
And it's moving faster than ever could, me and you.
And now we're all boxed up too.
Track Name: Hold On
I saw a man the other day
Dirt rested in his eyelids.
He held a cup that pleaded change
From a cold and shaking fist.
And I wish I had more than a dime
I'm trying to make it there myself.
He dropped his cup and he asked me "Why, why, why,
Am I living in this hell?"

And then he said -
Hold on to this song.
Hold on to the ones you love.
It's days like these I wanna just pack my things and leave.
But I'm gonna breathe, and hold on.

Spoke to my father, growing old
He tells me he might not see my kids.
Only gets harder I am told
Broken glass and bloody fists.

But then he said -
Hold on to this song.
Hold on to the ones you love.
It's days like these, I swear, I could buckle to my knees.
But I'm gonna breathe, and hold on.

These are the good ol' days
If I knew, maybe I'd stay.
Take this with you just in case
Those were the good ol' days.

Looked in the mirror as I woke
Had a tough time seeing my face.
Sounded different when I spoke
But my scars were not erased.

So I say -
Hold on to this song.
Hold on to the ones you love.
You see, I got these dreams, and this place just aint the fit for me.
But I'm gonna breathe, and hold on.
Track Name: Darling, Couldn't You Come Home?
Darling, couldn't you call back?
Couldn't you come back home, give you a spot on the throne
We could stand above the rest, shoot them down as they protest
And they'll throw rocks at our windows, but we'll soon be throwing bones.

And darling, how did we get here?
When did the crops die? When did the gleemen stop telling their tales?
Oh, how am I to get by without my queen on her throne?
Darling, couldn't you come home?

Cause in the mausoleum - if that's what it takes, then I will wait for ya.
And for the moment we finally lay in death or in truth.
And when the city is swept by the plague, you're the only on I wanna save.
Darling, don't make me choose.

Darling, couldn't you call back?
Couldn't you come back home, that place that you used to go
Cause you know that we connect, and you know I will protect you
From those evils in your closet and those big, bad, hungry wolves.

And darling, I know I cheated
You might have deserved it
But this game was never meant for one.
So why don't you drop the act, stop fighting back and just let go
Darling, couldn't you come home?

Darling, couldn't you call back?
Couldn't you come back home, you know I can't be alone
Is he lying in your bed? I'll take off his fucking head.
And we'll keep it on the shelf above the fireplace at home.

And darling, I swear I mean well
I found a pattern in my habits and I'm really gonna change
But it just makes me fucking squirm, and I just want the world to burn
If I can't have you as my own prize in this twisted little game.
Track Name: Russia Brook
I went down to the Russia Brook and I thought I saw the ghost
Of the person that I try to be when I'm missing you the most.
I just the water, stood on the bridge, and looked over the flow
Of the Russia Brook, and just like the stream, I got a ways to go.

And I've been waiting on the day when
I walk through that gate and
I see the world that we both know.
But it's cold outside
And I'm missing you tonight
But I know the Russia Brook still flow.

I went down to the Russia Brook and tried talking to God.
He shrugged his shoulders and looked away, said "Best be moving on."
I thought about how everything is nothing when it's gone
But you and I make something that remains when we move on.

I went down to the Russia Brook with you that afternoon.
We made love under the trees when the forest was in bloom.
And I knew right then I found it, and I swore you knew it too.
It was in the way the water ran along as the wind blew.