Strings EP

by Henri Tyler

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released November 18, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Jake Kampman
Mastered by Dan Siper

Artwork by Henri T Brooks and Sergio Galeano

All songs written by Henri T Brooks
Guitars, drums, and vocals by Henri T Broks
Bass and piano by (the) Wil Schade
Guitars on “After” by Raph KP and Jordan Stackhouse

Special thanks to everyone who has offered support, all of my friends who sang gangs on the record, anyone who has come out to a show, my parents, my live band, and anyone who presses that play button.



all rights reserved


Henri Tyler Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Twitter: @henritwimc

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Track Name: Pulling Strings
I've stepped out of the shop for too long,
Weeds growing tall at the foot of our home.
And I know this is not an excuse to leave or let go,
I'm trying to learn and I'm trying to grow.

I know that it seems that I'm hiding from things,
Or I'm torn between the black and the blue.
But angels that sing keep pulling my strings,
And I'll be home to you.

I've lost a few bets in my time,
I've scaled a few walls and I've fallen during the climb.
And I know this is not an excuse so say I won't try,
I'm asking to live, I'm not asking to die.

I know that it seems I'm running from things,
But the past just won't mend any wounds.
And angels that sing keep pulling my strings,
And soon -

Lonely - why are we, why we get,
Lonely - say it's true, say you'll believe in me.
I'd believe anything to get me,
Home free - that's all I want, what I truly need.
But people keep pulling my strings.
Cut them loose, set me free.

Dust off my clothes and I'm gone.
I'm lost in a dream and I just can't move on,
Until I see that's it's real, I hear all the songs,
I learn how to play them and just sing along.

And if everything's fine, and you're on my mind,
And the window is letting light through,
Then angels that sing, keep pulling those strings.
So I'll be home to you.
Track Name: The Field
Hey – I thought it’d go another way.
But hey – at least you figured it out.
No reason to stay in the field one more day,
Now you’re running away from yourself.

But you think they’d just let you out?
If things go south,
Will you be able or stable enough to get off the ground?
Bullets fly – I’d stay down.

Hey – inviting demons out to play.
But hey – at least they’re sticking around.
You’re just taking up space cause you don’t wanna face the comedown.
Now you’re locked in a cage slinging doubts and mistakes that you’ve found.

But what’s the breaking point? Which brain to use? We flip a coin.
Which way is home? We still don’t know.
We move across the field so slow.
Head down, stay low.

Hey – you sold your soul and got away.
Track Name: Disconnect
I question myself,
I don’t have a choice.
I try to avoid the mistakes I know I’m gonna make if I keep going on like this.
And then it’s like -

We sip from a drink,
I try not to think of all the snakes down around my feet.
But the poison is inside of me – and it’s sure spreading through me quick.

I can feel it in my head all the way down to my legs.
I think I might just stay in bed.
Because a day like this is another one wasted -
Once that’s gone you just can’t replace it.

I try to relax,
It’s not a big deal.
You’re telling me this but why do I feel so discombobulated inside this world I created?

I open my mouth,
And nothing comes out.
And to think I relied on it to express the things I felt.

I guess I’ll go crawl back inside myself,
Or maybe just go to hell.

But everything’s gone here now,
Except for snow covering the ground.
And ill-conceived, misjudged perspective,
I think it’s bout time we disconnected.
Everything’s lost here now,
It’s probably time I got out of town.
I’m not running – I’m just figuring this out.

And it’s probably gonna hurt.
And then I’ll make things worse again.

As long as I don’t hear those voices in my head.
Track Name: Subway Thoughts
It rained tonight.
Gonna cross that yellow line, it’s gonna win me back some time,
Cause I’ve been drained by the fight.
The fight that’s only mine, and my opponent isn’t kind.

He says:
Hey, whatchu gonna do?
Say, are you ever gonna choose?
You think you can afford to lose?
Well you’re not getting anywhere singing the blues.
I’m sane, it’s fine.
Another hour of my time and this thing would have eaten me alive.
On the inside, outside my mind,
It’s just all of these people and they’re just living lives.

Wonder where is mine.

I’ll climb these streets.
I got people to burn and bridges to meet you on.
The outskirts of you and me –
Blood on the tracks right where I used to sleep (Had nightmares).

Sun, why you wanna rise?
I wanna spend some time and get to know the night.
With the moon out, I feel alright,
I got this music in my head and when it plays it goes something like oo~

Even when we’re down and out,
We’re still spinning round and around and around and around.
But I know what you’re thinking now -
My body’s growing colder as the both of us grow older, then I look over my shoulder and I’m southbound.

The train arrives.
With nowhere left to hide, I think I’m just gonna take the ride.
Right through the pain – and in time,
It all will fade away, I’m watching as the doors they close behind me.

Leave it all behind me.
Track Name: Why Oh Why
I was just a dreamer, I was told “You grow up to die, and son, if you walk like the rest of them you might get lucky and find someone to fry out in the sun with, have your shoes melt, so you’re stuck there all your life.”
As long as I’m by your side.
Looking for believers, every day I’m digging graves. Yeah, all the dead people laughing at the ones still here trying to make it through the maze. I hope you’re happy on that bed of thorns, yeah, you sure got it made.
We’re not the same, we’re not the same, we’re not the same.

But if you look up, you’ll see the footprints of those walking down the line.
Look down at your hands, how they’re red and they’re tied.
But don’t look back on this now, chasing ghosts in your mind,
Singing why god, oh why god, oh why?

Searching for the answer to the question that had raised you from the ground up to the sky when you decided not to stay – and even though you don’t have any time for flower talk or pain,
I suppose we’re all just caught in heavy rain.
And I’m fighting hard to see, but passing out behind the wheel that spins inside my head all day, but it just ran out, and I gotta reel in all the line I cast to get me home to you tonight.
Cause we’re alive, cause we’re alive, cause we’re alive.

Reach inside the TV, all I ever find is dirt. I’d say goodbye to your friends cause you’re gonna leave them when life decides to hurt those things that kept you on your feet will soon now bring to your knees and then you’re gone.
And I’m not there to sing along.

In fact I don’t know the words.
How did we used to be so well rehearsed?
So now I sing these songs so I can carry on long after everyone forgets the verse.

I look around to all those people who are standing by my side,
Yeah, our feet on the ground and we’re not trying to hide,
From that devil on my back trying to take what is mine,
Singing why god, oh why god, oh why?
Track Name: After
A hundred legs on the ceiling.
Crush them dead, but I still get that feeling again.
It’s playing back to me – I can’t lose my family,
Or you. Or me.

A rattling in the wall.
Ear to the plaster, I hear nothing at all,
In my head, could it be hiding behind my teeth?
I let go – let it be.

Depictions of who I want to be.
How the glisten at a distance I can’t reach,
But there’s nothing and no one who can get there but me.
So I close my eyes and try to sleep.

Different words I’ve been saying,
To myself, all alone, but old songs keep replay in my head.
It aint bad – it’s all I ever had.
So I’ll bury them deep and come back.

But if I lose my place will I be forgiven?
Will I lose who I am with the way I’ve been living as well?
I’ll hold on – if I’m not too far gone,
Will I wake up when I hear them bells?

But you see I’m caught between the words and the rhythm.
I’m running out of all borrowed time.
The pressure’s been weighing, is it real what they’re saying,
That only the bad can survive?

But I’m here. I’m not ready, or able.
I’m thinking bout friends left behind.
They gave me all I got, if that’s true, why am I not running home,
To bring them back to life?

The branches that hang have been weeping,
And people we know will all die.
But don’t live in the past, this is the aftermath,
Of stepping into a new life.

And I’ve tried to go back once or twice.
So people, here’s my advice: It’s alright.